Hope For You, Inc. (HFY) is a social services organization established in March 2014 to enhance human wellbeing and administer essential needs to economically deprived persons, veterans, seniors, handicapped, unemployed, families and children. HFY serves as partner agency with various organizations. Presently, HFY is in partnership with these organizations: Caring For Others Inc., World Vision, Tarrant Food bank, USDA summer meal program, Azar Foundation, etc

 HYF works with these organizations through the agency partner network for the procurement, storage and distribution of product and from supporting companies and businesses nationwide for poverty alleviation and community empowerment.

It is our mission to eliminate poverty around the globe, empower the human potential for self-reliance and restore the power of hope for every individual one soul at a time.
Hope For You, Inc. renders an excellent version of social services that endeavors to discontinue the endemic parade of poverty that people face today. Our interventionist role is to cushion lives by supplying immediate needs like clothing, food and other essentials of daily living. In the near future, we plan to provide financial support to qualified families and financial independence training and other skills that make up for a well-rounded individual.
To realize these dreams, ‘Hope For You’ depends fully on your generous giving, donations and commitment. Your contributions in cash and kind plus spirited volunteer service in form of time and talent will go a long way to restore hope and dignity to one more citizen whose burden for survival rests on our collective shoulders.