We advocate for, and promote and support policies and laws that foster social justice with policy makers

HFY uses financial stability as a tool so achieve stability and growth in individual personal and professional lives by training about financial management and security, successful job interviews

Hope For You supports causes/programs towards general wellness, rehabilitation, life skills and financial empowerment and other programs. We provide diverse training and organize workshops

We partner with another non-profit to receive healthy and nutritious food items, toys, furniture, household items and outdoor items, which we distribute to communities

HFY believes that true health happens when you care for your body and mind, People have the best chance of reaching their full potential when they are healthy in

HFY promotes healthy lives for those who are vulnerable either because of age, disability or those who do not have the means, ability or freedom to defend themselves.

Hope For You connects its network of member-partners to resource persons and organizations that run feeding and nutrition projects/program across the country,

Hope For You enabled by its partners, supports areas and communities devastated by hurricanes, tornadoes, floods and other natural disasters, with relief materials

Hope For You spreads cheer and hope with its program on Holiday Gifting. This is done by targeting some of these families and giving gifts baskets or gift cards during the holidays.

Hope For You advocates for, and is involved in promoting and supporting policies and laws that foster social justice. Our organization partners with a global advocacy organization