Our Programs include:

  • Disaster Relief
  • Children and Adult New Clothing Bank 
  • Community Holiday Giving
  • Food Assistance
  • Shelter
  • Care for Immigrants


Disaster Relief

HFY partners with other agencies like World vision to provide immediate assistance of food, water, personal care supplies, cleaning materials and other needed items when disasters occur.

Collaborate as a network among our churches and agencies nationwide, with HFY coordinating response efforts and providing technical assistance.

Strive to provide relief with the help of many partners, including World Vision, Food bank etc.

Relate with government agencies on the local, county, state and federal levels to ensure a successful response to each disaster event.

Preparation for disasters through extensive training, planning and capacity building.

HFY advocates for programs and policies specifically associated with mitigating the impact of disasters, especially for the poor and vulnerable. In particular, we advocate for sufficient government funding in the wake of major disasters that recognizes the long-term process of recovery and invests in resiliency.


Feed Across America & Food Assistance


HFY believes that Freedom from hunger is a prerequisite for individuals and families to live a quality, productive and healthy lives. Access to adequate, affordable and nutritious food as a basic human right is taking seriously.

HFY does excellently well to feed the hungry and help them build long-term food security. We help low-income and vulnerable people access adequate and nutritious food by referring them to various services such as pantries, soup kitchens, healthy eating and cooking classes.


HFY supports policies that promote adequate funding for federal nutrition programs, increase access to affordable food that is fresh and healthy, and strengthen food programs that support children, seniors and pregnant women. We contact lawmakers to prioritize and strengthen programs and policies that help feed the hungry.




HFY promotes healthy lives for those who are vulnerable either because of age, disability or those who do not have the means, ability or freedom to defend themselves. HFY assists these people to meet their basic needs, overcome barriers to their success and find opportunities for growth and development.

HFY advocates to improve legislative and social policy that helps governments better understand poverty’s impact on the family and society.

We provide various assistance such as: financial assistance for rent, utility payments; emergency shelter, counseling and training on home purchasing, homeownership responsibilities, financing and foreclosure prevention.

We also provide support services to people with disabilities, therapeutic services to people who have suffered from abuse, neglect, crime or exploitation in the community.




Supporting Healthy Lives

HFY believes that true health happens when you care for your body, mind, and people have the best chance of reaching their full potential when they are healthy in body, mind and spirit. Therefore, HFY helps low-income and vulnerable people protect their health and achieve their dream by providing health services, behavioral health services, health education and assistance in health insurance enrollment.

HFY offers health-related services such as medical and dental care, prescription drug assistance, prenatal care, and health screenings, some form of behavioral health care, addiction recovery, marriage counseling, and support groups. Provide health education on a variety of topics including nutrition, chronic disease management, disease prevention, dental health, and infant and child care. HFY supports policies that ensure access to equitable and affordable health care for all.

We work closely with various charity organizations that provide Education & Training. HFY promotes meaningful learning opportunities for everyone to maximize their potential. Such as:  quality childcare and early child education, after-school programs and tutoring, post-secondary education or training, life-enriching adult education like GED program, English as second language (ESL). Life and job skills education, Computer literacy, parenting, healthy family relationships, child development, Orientation to health and lifestyle in America.

Financial Counselling

Enhance Financial Security

HFY uses financial stability as a tool so achieve stability and growth in individual personal and professional lives. We achieve this through trainings about financial management and security, successful job interviews and resume classes etc.


Care for Immigrants

HFY open its door to refugees and immigrants. We assist them through agencies to settle down in the community. HFY provides   assistance such as: resources and information for basic life amenities.


Supporting Our Member Community

HFY provides various support to our member agencies across the country and continent. RCCGNA national office through Hope for You (HFY) provides support to RCCGNA member agencies. We assist the work of our members by sharing new and promising best practices. We also create opportunities for prayer and mutual encouragement among and within local agencies.