Hope For partners with local non-profit organizations like City of Greenville Texas to offer a place of shelter to vulnerable citizens. HFY promotes healthy lives for those who are vulnerable either because of age, disability or those who do not have the means, ability or freedom to defend themselves. HFY assists these people to meet their basic needs, overcome barriers to their success and find opportunities for growth and development.

Sheltering the Vulnerable and those in Need

HFY advocates to improve legislative and social policy that helps governments better understand poverty’s impact on the family and society.

Hope for you homeless shelter program

We provide various assistance such as: financial assistance for rent, utility payments; emergency shelter, counseling and training on home purchasing, home ownership responsibilities, financing and foreclosure prevention.

We also provide support services to people with disabilities, therapeutic services to people who have suffered from abuse, neglect, crime or exploitation in the community.

Displaced Families are a group of people who have found themselves without a place to live. They are temporarily living outside of their homes. These families are usually families with children that are displaced due to disasters and other reasons.

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